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Intimate Hygiene

Tissues in intimate areas are extremely sensitive. Washing too little or too much or using unsuitable products can upset the balance of protective flora in the vulva and vagina areas, leading to irritation and infections.
Whenever experiencing discomfort in intimate areas (itching, thrush, etc.), it is important to adopt appropriate hygiene practices, in addition to taking any medication prescribed by a doctor.
Maintaining the hygiene in the intimate zone is extremely important for women, not just to feel cleaner and fresh, but to avoid unpleasant and sometimes dangerous health problems that may arise.
Any excess of local acidity (pH<4) promotes fungal development or facilitates the development of existing fungal infections.
Supported by international guidelines, daily gentle cleansing of the vulva is an important aspect of feminine hygiene and overall intimate health. Women should be encouraged to choose a carefully formulated and clinically tested external wash that provides targeted antimicrobial and other health benefits without negatively impacting on the natural vulvovaginal microbiota.