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About Us

Rougine Darou is a novel company, founded by a group of experts in the pharmaceutical business of Iran to attract and develop new potentials. It started its activity in 2009, with one of the best-known names in the business, Genzyme, and quickly grew to host other companies and since then some reputable pharmaceutical names have chosen Rougine Darou as their partner of choice in Iran.
We have been committed to provide the best available treatment options with the high-quality products for the people in need of care to reach the utmost quality of life. To meet the unmet medical needs across the country, we have mainly focused on high specialty products in the therapeutic areas of Rare Diseases, Oncology, Vaccines, Multiple Sclerosis and other serious conditions to provide treatment options for the health care professionals to help the patients have better life.
Rougine Darou’s scope of activities include introducing novel molecules produced by allied companies in Iran Drug List, providing multinational companies with marketing and sales services, importation and promotion of pharmaceutical products.
We believe that reaching our goal is not possible without engagement of every single person within our organization, positive attitude and deeply believing in our role. We are trying to encourage employees to explore the full potential of their skill sets and grow through the job experience. As a team we are working well together cross-functionally to accomplish our mission:

“To Help people in need of Care, to Reach the utmost quality of life”

Our Vision

To expand superb healthcare services and products in our country through scientific cooperation with reputable multinational companies for importing and contract under license manufacturing of high-quality products the patients are in need of and make a sustainable business for interested parties by gaining their trust and satisfaction along with understanding their needs.

Our Mission

To provide patients with the required pharmaceutical products of the highest quality and lowest price in the shortest time to improve the health level of the society through cooperation with reputable multinational pharmaceutical companies in order to import high-tech products and transfer their technology for contract under license manufacturing in our country.

Our Values

Our Quality Management System

In order to meet our interested parties’ requirements (customers, suppliers, health authorities, …), Rougine Darou has implemented the quality management system based on the international standard (ISO 9001:2015) in the organization. Our main goal is to increase the level of satisfaction of interested parties through continuous improvement of our quality management system.

To Help people in need of Care to Reach the utmost quality of life