By using innovative therapy ideas; and on the basis of the existing and well-researched medication at our disposal, it is our goal to develop efficient and cost-effective alternatives to the current standards.

We are committed to put all our energies and resources to achieve our objective of developing efficient and modern therapy ideas. Also our cooperation with external partners enables us to hold up competent and professional practices. We ensure that our sales partners and freelancers meet the latest standards of both scientific research and trade legislation and that they are approved as experienced associates by the practicing clinicians. We also seek to closely cooperate with doctors and their organizations, as well as the local and federal authorities. By participation in congresses and symposia and also by using relevant trade press, we make sure that our scientific expertise are made available immediately to all relevant persons. PharmaCept has decided to launch a research award for young scientists, that will allow us have a regular insight into the loco-regional tumor therapy research progress.

Furthermore, we understand our role in the direct financing of scientific projects and products. Despite the limited personnel and financial resources, PharmaCept sees good opportunities in the future for closer involvement in innovative developments. The essential professional expertise and flexibility on one hand, combined with the extraordinary commitment of our employees and partners on the other will enable us deliver these definite requirements.

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