“Closer to health” is our utmost objective!

PharmaCept stands for a successful development of niche products and medical instruments in the area of cancer treatment and treatment of chronic diseases. In this field PharmaCept’s research has played a key role from the beginning. Over 10 years ago, instructions on the regional tumor therapy were available and with their help PharmaCept achieved the initial experimental and clinical study results that attracted the interest of a number of doctors and scientists. In recent years, companies all around the world have succeeded in raising the individual diseases tumor therapy practices to the rank of treatment guidelines. As a competent partner, PharmaCept thrives to ensure that the successes achieved so far will continue and will become a steady basis for the continuous improvement of therapy results and the patients’ quality of life that is associated with it.

They also try to transfer this basic understanding into areas of the newly developed pharmaceutical compounds and therapies. This concerns the current developments, such as pharmaceutical compounds of the urological product line, as well as a wide range of wound healing agents, currently under development.